Useful Advice for Planting Heucheras in Containers

Coral bells are perennial plants known for their dramatically varying color of foliage. Some of the common colors include red, orange, yellow, green, purple, black, silver, and pink! The edges of the leaves of these plants can be ruffled or smooth.Heucheras

Growing coral bells in pots and containers makes them look even more appealing. These plants are shade perennials and have minimal annual maintenance.

Here are some useful points of advice while growing coral bells in pots and containers.

Choose Matching or Contrasting Containers

It is a good design idea to grow heuchera plants in containers that match or contrast with the color of their foliage. You can place these containers at entrances, near gates or doors, or near pathways. Some species of these plants have more than one color in their foliage! In some other species, the color of the foliage slightly changes every season. For such species, you can go for multicolored plant pots.

Combine Contrasting ColorsHeuchera_Georgia_Peach_8b-200x300

A mix of contrasting colors can sometimes make your garden look even more attractive. You can place two containers together, one having a heuchera plant with dark-colored foliage, and the other having the same with a light-colored foliage.

Proper Drainage

The pots or containers in which you are growing your heucheras need to have adequate number of holes for drainage. You can prevent the holes from getting clogged by using a layer of pottery rocks and shards.

Choose the Right Soil Mixture

The soil mixture is one of the most important factors while growing coral bells in a container! For heucheras, you should avoid using mixtures which have too much peat, since peat is designed to hold water and heucheras don’t like to have ‘wet feet’. It is sometimes welcome to mix a slow-release fertilizer in the soil.

Protection from Harsh Weatherheu_berry_timeless

While growing heuchera plants in containers, you also need to shield them from harsh weather conditions.

If you live in a cold region, you should bring them inside a garage or basement and cover these plants to protect their roots from the chill in winter.

If you live in a place with a hot climate, you should avoid exposing them to too much sun and extremely hot weather in summer.

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