10 Ways to Keep Deer Away From Hostas

Deer are a common problem for hosta lovers. One day your garden will be nice and lush, and the next morning you will be left with a bunch of chewed-off stems. This can be very frustrating, so we’ve decided to put together a blog post on ways to keep deer away from hostas to prevent this from happening to you.

keep deer away from hostas

There really is no surefire way to keep deer away from hostas. There are, however, a number of options you can use to help stop them. Several options are listed below.

Tips to Keep Deer Away From Hostas:

  1. Wireless Deer Fence – a sweet smelling deer training device that will train the deer through negative reinforcement. Effective method proven to keep deer away from hostas.
  2. Deer Scram – all natural granular repellent to keep deer away from hostas and other plants including shrubs and trees.
  3. Liquid Fence – a liquid repellent that you spray directly on your plants (be careful not to apply in direct sunlight as this could burn the plant). The scent of the spray will deter deer and other garden pests from destroying your garden.
  4. Plantskydd – an odor-based repellent that deters deer and other pests before they taste the plant.
  5. Put up a fence – this may be the most effective way to keep deer away from your hostas, but it is also the most expensive method. The fence should be 8′ to 10′ high.
  6. Get a dog – having a dog can be an effective way to scare away deer.
  7. Avoid fragrant hostas – deer are attracted to the smell of fragrant hostas. If you have a lot of deer near your home, you might want to avoid planting these in your garden.
  8. Human hair – spread human hair around your garden to keep deer away from your hostas and other plants.
  9. Noise and/or light deterrents – place sensor lights around your garden that will turn on when deer come near your garden. The light will scare them away. You can also try putting radio noise in your garden to scare deer.
  10. Don’t feed the deer – feeding them will just encourage them to keep coming back.

These are just a few tips that can help you keep deer away from hostas and other plants in your garden. There are several deer repellents out there, it’s just a matter of figuring out which method works best for you. We don’t enforce any of the above methods, this is just simply to provide you with information.

Comment below with any other methods that are effective for you!

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6 thoughts on “10 Ways to Keep Deer Away From Hostas

  1. I have used a black plastic strapping tape about an inch wide placed at 30 inches from the ground. I have seen their hoofprints in the dirt moving along the tape. They have a hard time seeing the strapping tape, it hits then in the knees and it scares them. Because it is plastic you can roll it up in the fall and put it up in the spring. Enclose as much of your garden as you need. I think I purchased about 200 ft roll.

  2. How do you keep cute little miniature dwarf goats from munching on my hostas? They mowed down every hosta and ornamental grass that I have. They are so cute but what bad boys they are.

    • Goats are a little tricky because they seem to eat everything in their path. The most sure-fire way to keep goats out of your hostas are to put a fence around them. The best way is to just simply keep the goats away from what you don’t want them to eat.

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  4. My neighbor installed motion-sensitive sprinklers. His yard is 90% hostas, so there are A LOT of them. The deer thought the land was their private restaurant. The motion-sensitive sprinklers stopped the deer from coming and eating. His sprinklers were on short pipes, so the water hit the deer at about face level.

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