Maintenance Advice for Your Garden Tools

trowel_pic_of_102sFor gardening, one needs a specific set of tools. Almost every task related to the garden such as digging, pruning, and mulching needs specific tools. A trowel is one of the most important and versatile gardening tools.

Trowels are used in masonry and archaeology as well as gardening, though their specifics differ.

For instance, the gardener’s trowel is a little heavier than that used by other disciplines. The trowel basically features a wooden or plastic handle and a sharp metallic blade. The blade can be made up of carbon steel or stainless steel.

Other gardening tools include shovel, pitchfork, spade, rake, and hoe. Proper maintenance of such tools is necessary for any gardener.Garden Tools

Here are some essential measures for maintaining gardening tools.

Clean with a Brush: Cleanliness and hygiene are important concerns in gardening, especially when you are growing species such as hostas. Use of dirty tools can spread infections among plants, thus causing diseases that can kill the plants!

You should regularly clean your gardening tools, especially your garden trowel, shovel, and spade. Scrub the tools with a brush to remove the dirt, then rinse them with warm water.

Scrub the Wooden Part(s) with Sandpaper: The wooden parts of gardening tools, such as the handle of a trowel, can get rough when exposed to moisture for a long time. It is a good idea to scrub these parts with sandpaper after each use. Use of faulty gardening tools can adversely affect the plants in your garden, particularly species like heucheras.

Remove Rust from the Metallic Part(s): It is not advisable to use gardening tools that have rusty metallic parts. Usage of such tools is not favorable for the plants in your garden. Scrub the metallic parts of your gardening tools with a wire brush to remove the rust.

Sharpen the Tools: The metallic blade(s) of gardening tools need to be sharp. Tools such as steel trowels, shovels, and spades should be sharpened regularly. Most gardeners use a flat file to sharpen their tools.