Facts about Coral Bells

Heuchera PlantsCoral bells have become exceedingly popular among the seasoned as well as beginners in the field of gardening.

These plants have incredible foliage patterns and are widely preferred for their vivid leaves and beautiful blooms. These amazing perennials are appropriate for any gardens!

  • These plants grow best in partial shade. They can also be grown in full shade but this often slows down the rate of their growth.
  • The bright and vibrant colors of these plants may fade under strong sun and hence a partial shade is advisable.
  • They should ideally be planted in spring or in the beginning of fall for best growth.
  • These plants should be planted in well-drained soil that has neutral pH ranging from 6-7.
  • For a bountiful leaf production, you should get rid of the stalks once the flowers have completely bloomed.
  • To prevent frost heaving in winters, it is advisable to mulch the soil at regular intervals.  Spread mulch around the plant, NOT on top of it!