All About Blue Hostas – Facts and Tips

Blue leaves are not a common occurrence in most plant species. But there is a tremendous variety of Hostas available in striking blue color!

There are a number of options available on our Buy Hostas page with sizes varying from mini to giant, leaves cupped up or down, with crimped or smooth leaves, and vase-like to mound-shaped forms. With their amazing and unique color, they bring a little bit of drama and versatility to any garden.

The genetics of original ‘species hostas’ (H. sieboldiana,  H. hypoleuca, H.nigrescens, H. pychnophylla and H. kikutii.),  gives them the ability to make the special ‘crystalline wax’ that shows the blue or gray colors.

What Gives Blue Hostas Their Color

The wax that gives the blue hosta plant their color is based in the cuticle, which is the topmost layer of epidermis. The epidermis forms the outer multi-layered cells that cover the leaf. It is the boundary separating the inner cells from the environment.

The waxy layer of the cuticle appears as a shiny film or a glaucous outer covering, which gives it the gray-blue appearance. The glaucous covering has light scattering crystals, which gives it a dull appearance rather than a shiny one. The amount and type of wax determines the texture of the leaf and how shiny the leaf surface will appear.

Where to Plant Your Blue Hostas

Its important to plant your blue Hostas carefully as too much sun can melt off its wax. At the same time, the plant does not thrive without any sunlight. The wax can also come off due to rainfall, wind and watering, but heat and sun are the most prominent cause of damage. Lack of wax causes Hostas to expose and burn.

How Can Blue and Gray Hostas Be Used in Landscape Design

Blue Hostas create a beautiful background in the garden.  They should be placed in slight shade or morning sun areas in the garden to maintain their blue color.

Blue Hostas of varying textures, shapes, and leaf sizes can be planted side by side, to provide gentle and mesmerizing contrasts.

If large areas are covered with blue Hostas, it provides the garden with a creative and peaceful feeling.

Blue Hostas takes a different look depending on its surrounding. In landscape designs they can give a soothing aura or when paired with varied colors they give a dazzling effect to the garden.