Embellish Your Garden with Heuchera Plants

Heuchera is a native plant of North America. It is also known as Coral Bells.

At present, Heucheras are becoming very popular among gardeners. Like hostas, the foliage of Heucheras also shines brightly in the landscape. This plant attracts the attention of viewers primarily due to its striking color options.

Heucheras can be easily planted and you do not have to put extra effort in terms of their growth.

These plants enhance value and add beauty in your garden, and are available in a wide variety of foliage and flower colors, textures, sizes.

Leaves on Heuchera come in nearly the entire spectrum, with multiple representatives in hues of pink, red, orange, yellow, green, purple, darks/blacks and silver veiled!  Some Heuchera even display a rotation of colors, changing with the seasons!


H. ‘Georgia Peach’ with other plants

You can plant Heucheras both in the ground and in pots. They look spectacular with other shade perennials (such as hostas, brunnera, astilbe, etc) in the garden as well as making a beautiful contrasting addition in mixed container plantings!

In warm climatic conditions, it is suitable to plant Heucheras in areas where they can get more sunlight in the morning and shade in the afternoon. On the other hand, in cold climatic regions, you need to plant them in areas that are exposed to more sunlight, though they generally do not enjoy full sun all day.

Naturally, a Heuchera plant blossoms in the late spring, and the colors of blooms are typically pretty showy as well!  They come in white, pink, red, yellow, and purple shades.

In the early spring you can remove the old and damaged leaves to give them a clean and tidy look – we recommend leaving the foliage on the plant over the winter to help with frost protection.

Make sure that while planting, you do not bury the crown (point between roots/shoots, i.e. growing plate) too deep!  Heucheras are sensitive to crown rot, and prefer their crowns at soil level.