Preferred Conditions and Maintenance for Coral Bells

Preferred Conditions:

Heucheras (Coral Bells) are native to North America, so they generally grow really well in the natural environment. They prefer fertile, moist, and well-drained soil.

It is very important to make sure the soil is well-draining, especially during the winter months.

Heucheras prefer and tend to grow larger when planted in partial shade. This is especially true for the afternoon hours. Coral Bells don’t like the hot afternoon sun beating down on their foliage.

Darker colored plants, however, can handle more sunlight than lighter colored ones. Keep in mind that your coral bells will usually survive if planted in direct sunlight, but will often be smaller in size.


Coral bells are a generally easy plant to grow and care for. They only require watering once per week if it hasn’t rained. They like their soil to be kept moist, but they do not like to be drenched with water. It is recommended that they receive about an inch of water each week.

You may want to deadhead the flowers on your coral bells once they are done blooming. This gives your plant the opportunity to re-bloom.

Overall, coral bells are pretty easy going and do not require much maintenance. Every 3 to 4 years you may want to divide your plants – they may lose vigor otherwise. When divided, plants will grow vigorously again.